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  • CMC can help you design custom certificate programs (see samples below) for your organization, comprised of any number of our webinar titles.

  • Participants attend all sessions and meet program requirements to graduate.

  • Please see our webinars page for more information on all the virtual solutions we offer.

People Manager Essentials Certificate Program (For employees with direct reports)

Number of sessions: 10 (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1/week  Diploma: Yes

1. Understanding the Awesome Power of Employee Engagement

2. Setting Clear and Fair Performance Expectations

3. Giving Effective Feedback

4. Giving Meaningful Praise and Recognition

5. Enhancing Your People Leader Communication Skills

6. Improving Your Coaching Skills

7. Boosting Your Staff’s Professional Development (and Your Own)

8. Understanding What Motivates Your People

9. Resolving Conflict

10. Delegating More, Micromanaging Less

High Performer Essentials Certificate Program (For high-performing / high-potential employees)

Number of sessions: 6 (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1/week  Diploma: Yes

1. Fostering a Growth Mindset

2. Strengthening Your Professional Perseverance

3. Building Your Analytical and Thinking Skills

4. Boosting Your Professional Development

5. Improving Your Influence Skills

6. Listening More Effectively

Lunch & Learn Productivity Series (For all employees)

Number of sessions: 5  (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1/week  Diploma: Yes 

1. Improving Your Productivity

2. Boosting Your Motivation at Work

3. Improving Team Communication

4. Enriching Your Creativity at Work

5. Increasing Your Business Writing Effectiveness

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