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  • Each one-hour CMC webinar is research-based, behavior-focused, and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • For detailed information on each of our webinars, please download our PDF list of course descriptions.

  • All of our courses include participant materials and recommended resources for further learning.

  • Our sessions are conducted in real time via your company’s virtual learning platform (Zoom, MS Teams, Webex) or CMC’s Zoom virtual classroom (maximum 99 participants).

  • Most of our courses can also be facilitated in-person at your location.

  • We can help you design custom certificate programs, comprised of any number of our webinar titles.

For Managers (all 60 mins)

  • Becoming a First-Time People Manager

  • Understanding the Awesome Power of Employee Engagement

  • Setting Clear and Fair Performance Expectations

  • Giving Effective Feedback

  • Giving Meaningful Praise and Recognition

  • Enhancing Your People Leader Communication Skills – Parts I & II

  • Improving Your Coaching Skills

  • Boosting Your Staff’s Professional Development (and Your Own)

  • Facilitating High-Impact Career Discussions

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Handling Difficult Conversations with Confidence

  • Managing High-Potential Employees Effectively

  • Understanding What Motivates Your People

  • Leading Change More Effectively

  • Delegating More, Micromanaging Less

  • Boosting Your Leadership Credibility

For All Employees (all 60 mins)

  • Fostering a Growth Mindset

  • Strengthening Your Professional Perseverance

  • Boosting Your Motivation at Work

  • Improving Team Communication

  • Boosting Your Professional Development

  • Building Your Analytical and Thinking Skills

  • Listening More Effectively

  • Improving Your Influence Skills

  • Enriching Your Creativity at Work

  • Improving Your Productivity

  • Enhancing Your Perspective and Self-Awareness

  • Boosting Your Business Writing Effectiveness

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