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  • More interaction, less participants: includes CMC handouts and materials for up to 25 participants.

  • Each program is comprised of 5 to 10 one-hour virtual webinars in real time (on-site options also available).

  • Participants attend all sessions and meet program requirements to graduate.

  • Uses your video conferencing software (or CMC’s for a small fee).

  • Program details, marketing, and logistics can be customized for your business.

People Manager Essentials Certificate Program (For employees with direct reports)

Number of sessions: 10 (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1/week   Capacity: 20  ● Diploma: Yes

1. Engaging employees

2. Communicating more effectively

3. Setting clear and fair expectations

4. Giving effective feedback

5. Understanding what motivates your people

6. Developing your people the right way

7. Giving meaningful praise and recognition

8. Managing conflict proactively

9. Delegating with efficacy

10. Steering clear of micromanagement

High Performer Essentials Certificate Program (For all employees)

Number of sessions: 10 (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1/week   Capacity: 40  ● Diploma: Yes 

1. Maximizing your engagement

2. Understanding your work style & motivation

3. Aligning with your manager

4. Aligning with your team/colleagues

5. Communicating more effectively

6. Working smarter

7. Driving your personal development

8. Building credibility

9. Influencing more effectively

10. Building perseverance and grit

Boosting Your Productivity Certificate Program (For all employees)

Number of sessions: 5  (all 60 mins.) ● Recommended frequency: 1 to 2/week   Capacity: 60  ● Diploma: Yes 

1. Managing your time more effectively

2. Conquering email

3. Slaying procrastination

4. Removing interruptions and distractions

5. Saying “No” – appropriately and effectively

All courses are customizable, scalable, and regularly updated. Custom courses can be developed by request. Some courses have capacity limits and/or require a nominal, at-cost materials fee.


CMC courses are proprietary and are not available to the public. Please contact me if you would like to see any course's overview, learning objectives, or sample materials.

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